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241 Pizza

Did you know that 241 uses locally sourced ingredients from Ontario farmers? Did you know that all of their meat products are hormone and steroid-free? Did you know that they use only the finest semolina flour direct from Italy? You probably didn’t. Because there are hundreds of reasons 241 is not what you thought it was.

To breathe new life into an established brand, and reposition them as a place that celebrates quality over quantity, we gave consumers new reasons to make 241 their number one. Two hundred and forty-one to be precise. In order to change perception and modernize the brand, we developed a bold visual system and campaign that celebrates all the reasons to love it. With a fresh visual approach that evolves the brand colours, graphic patterns that represent ingredients and playful language that emphasizes quality, we re-established 241 as a smart, contemporary brand that knows the value of design.

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