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Château Des Charmes (CDC) was not driving the level of e-commerce sales they desired. Most of the sales were driven by the existing customer. Their goal was to increase their presence online, find new customers, and turn their online shopping portal into a primary revenue generator for the winery.


Improve sales by leveraging insights from testing various creatives & target audiences. Also improve overall user experience and simplifying the path to purchase through website optimizations. 


Community built a full-funnel digital marketing strategy across a wide variety of placements to gather as much data and insights as possible over the first few months. From there, we were able to learn who their core audience was, who their untapped audiences were, and the best placements and messaging to use in order to reach them and drive sales. We used data from search, display, social, and google analytics to find the right balance of prospecting and nurturing that drove the most sales at the most efficient ROI. We also tested various audiences to see how different demographics responded to messaging. Using this data, we overhauled their e-commerce shop, making it easier to purchase for their core audience, but also more appealing to new & younger audiences as well. These optimizations led to a huge increase in overall sales and grew the size of their customer base significantly.



return on investment (ROAS)


increase in monthly sales


increase in conversion rate

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