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Detroit Pistons 2020 Campaign Video


Bring the spirit of the Detroit Pistons to life by capturing the determination of both the team and the fans. Create authentic brand relevancy that breaks away from past campaigns in a disruptive manner. Target young Millennials and Gen Z, expressing the role and value held by the Pistons to the community of Detroit.


Defined by technology, cultural aggregation, fluidity, and contradiction, Millennials and Gen Z are not afraid to be different. They sway towards brands that celebrate self-expression, and empowerment, with a point of view that caters to the individual. Our target demands and has expectations of diversity, inclusion, and equality. Unafraid to use their voices to advocate for causes they deem important, our target is driven by resilience and resourcefulness to make their collective futures better than the ones they have inherited.


The campaign “D-Up” sets a new tone for what the Pistons stood for—community. And that is who showed up. A bold new campaign that speaks to the Pistons resilience, relentlessness, rising power, as well as where the team is headed in 2021. The rebrand has made a mark on the Detroit community, attracting the young and talented into the arena, lighting a spark that continues to burn in the hearts of fans. The campaign, credited with highlighting Detroit’s potential, inspired and brought fans together to demonstrate that the Pistons are levelling up the power and excitement.

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