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Fancy Franks

How do you take one of the world’s most approachable and comforting foods, and make it something a little more gourmet? Simple. You make it fancy.

When Fancy Franks approached Community to deliver a brand identity for their almighty hot dogs, it was clear it had to be something fresh and interesting enough to stand out, yet iconic and familiar enough to be a franchise that could live anywhere in North America. In fact, when the first location opened, customers assumed it was a franchise, and one even remarked how thankful they were Fancy Franks “had finally opened in Toronto.” We simply smiled and nodded.

Starting with the idea that anyone who’s anyone, from JFK to Marilyn Monroe, has eaten a hot dog, and drawing inspiration from the iconic hot dog stands on Coney Island, the brand mixes black and white mural photography, a nostalgic bright red, and playfully-named menu items to bring back the hot dog’s glory days. If we’re being frank, it’s easily the best hot dog in the city. And now with locations in Bloorcourt, Queen West and Kensington, it’s easier than ever to get your Fancy fix.

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