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Graywood Developments approached Community to create a condominium brand and launch a strategy that would stand out in the crowded downtown Toronto market, capture a disproportionate share of voice, and resonate with its target investor and end-user audience profiles.


The goal was to break out from the typical condominium launch the market was used to seeing time and again on rinse/repeat. We wanted to develop a brand and go-to-market strategy that broke the mold of what’s expected, while keeping a keen eye on the overarching sales and corporate objectives. 


Seeing an opportunity to dispel the perception of downtown condominium living as a necessity, or worse, a symbol of monoculture, Community distanced Peter & Adelaide from a self-serving, hard-sell approach. Instead, we leaned on an emotive, human-centric campaign paying homage to our project’s central location in the heart of our great city.

Hitting on a cultural truth to own the ethos of what it means to live in the city, we launched a persona-driven ‘Made in Toronto’ creative campaign with a diverse cast to tell our brand story. The core of the campaign revolves around the idea that no matter where you are from, this city plays a crucial role in shaping you, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

The people-driven brand tenet was carried through to the sales office, where we created a welcoming retail concept with “Made in Toronto” branded product. It removed the proverbial “barrier to entry” for condominium sales offices and led to highly successful sales with six BILD award wins the year of its launch.

Community ran a multi-channel campaign that included social placements on Facebook and Instagram, with complimentary search ads through Google Ads. The implemented strategy was designed to drive traffic to the website and retarget those visitors with additional prompts. Optimizing daily cross channels ads ensured the highest ROI on the media spend, while using multiple ad variations for each channel, effectively tested and promoted the most compelling creative. 

The campaign ran for an incredibly successful 4 weeks – at which point, the ads had to be paused due to overwhelming demand!



registrations within four weeks


sold on first day


sold within three weeks


BILD award wins


lower cost per lead than

industry benchmarks


higher conversion rate than

industry benchmarks

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