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The Institute of Human Mechanics

The face of modern medicine and the very nature of personalized care is changing. And Dr. Anthony Galea, one of the most influential medical minds of our generation, is one of the physicians at the forefront of progressing not only the way patients are treated, but even forcing us to rethink what exactly we should be treated for.

This is why we needed to develop a brand that encompassed not just where private medical care is at today, but a glimpse into where it’s going. With an emphasis on preventative practices, and using several patents and ground-breaking techniques, IHM collaborates with some of the best practitioners around the world. And the capabilities and technologies such as Cytorich to treat Osteoarthritis and rejuvenation therapies like platelet-rich plasma, The Institute of Human Mechanics is focused on optimizing the human lifespan. Because your body is not just your body. It’s your machine.

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