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Across the street from Mamakas Taverna lies Bar Koukla. In Greek, koukla means “beautiful doll” but is generally used as a term of endearment for a woman in your life. Rather than a sister restaurant, it’s a daughter in the Mamakas family. Younger and more casual with a focus on beverages and meze.

As with every restaurant in the Mamakas family, Koukla is a contemporary environment with nods to the traditional. She bares a family resemblance to Mamakas Taverna while also maintaining her own identity. Community developed a brand that felt current but with a gentle longing for simpler times. We kept the menu and logo very direct and modern but brought in the feminine energy with the business cards and some promotional artwork. Inspired by childhood arts & crafts, we created collage style illustrations. Layering old black and white photographs of girls with pastels and a striking red. Playful and elegant, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree but she’s putting down her own roots on the Ossington strip.

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