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La Hiki

Community’s expertise in communicating visually and conceptually has taken us far and wide. When the Four Seasons needed a distinctive brand identity for their Asian fusion restaurant in Oahu, we set out to design a story that would reflect the multitude of ethnicities that journeyed to Hawaii bringing with them their cuisine and culture.

Drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian for “Eastern Sun” we created a complete visual identity featuring and multi-faceted icon that reflected the ever-changing menu revolving around six major Asian cuisines. The design was inspired by the phrase “mai ka lâ hiki a la kau” (from sunrise to sunset), and the orbit of the Earth, the phases of the moon and how they affect the tide, and Asian ink-wash painting. In the end, we created an identity for La Hiki designed to invoke change and multiculturalism that is both contemporary, refined, and meaningful.

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