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Have you ever been handed a free sample of something delicious on your way to class? Ever been asked to dance to the music in the middle of the street? If so, we may have already met.

Experiential marketing (XM) is so much more than “liquid to lips,” “ingredients to mouth,” or “bums in seats.” It’s an essential part of success for any brand’s plan. In a world that values creativity and innovation, meaningful brand connections are more important than ever before. And as we continue to prove, connection is driven by experience.

This means integrating above-the-line strategic thinking into a below-the-line space, blurring the lines completely. Something that creates memorable interactions, shareable experiences and buzz-worthy takeaways that are amplified over and over again.  More than just conceive “big ideas,” we explore the consumer path, and drive purchase intent. From city takeovers and stunts to the best parties that just happen out of (seemingly) nowhere, we bring the big ideas to even bigger beautiful life.

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