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Time and Space

The more time we spend inside, the more we feel the need to get out and play. From this idea, Time and Space was born.

Perched on a massive real estate site earmarked for a four-tower condominium at the foot of Front and Sherbourne, the renowned Pemberton Group approached Community to conceive a brand for a new kind of residence. An underdeveloped area with limited residential options, the brand needed to make an immediate splash, cause disruption, and make people think twice about waiting for another time, or a different space.

Featuring a timeless black and white visual system that will never feel dated, with an avant-garde logo that evokes a stairway to the sky, the brand is meant to simultaneously capture a feeling of everlasting optimism, as well as an urgency to seize the day; a place to dream and drift, as well as make the absolute most of everything the city has to offer.

With refined and specific messaging to bring the name away from astrophysics (just slightly) and into the practicality of everyday life, along with a sophisticated look and feel, we’ve taken the time to make the most of your space, so you can live in a space that makes the most of your time.

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