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Bombay Sapphire

Guided by the mantra Stir Creativity, Community created The Bombay Art Project. After a difficult year, the focus was on creating an activation that promoted and embraced the necessary practices of self-care, introspection, meditation, and wonder.


Partnering with acclaimed curator Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, the art installations, featuring William Ukoh and Raquel Da Silva’s “Sunday in the Strand of 4C” were shown at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto and Ben Z Cooper’s sculptural installation, “Effervescent Dream and AR Garden” was placed at Yaletown Station in Vancouver.


Both installations featured AR and multimedia landscapes that incorporated unique elements of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE experience. In Toronto, we partnered with Dani Roche, Meghan Yuri Young, Tristan Cole, and Autumn Hachey to elevate the story and further push the narrative in real-time gaining us coverage by The Toronto Star, View the Vibe, and 6ixBuzz. In Vancouver, we partnered with Lucy Yun, Dejan Stanic, Sarah Gray, and Noelle Halcrow to gain traction and drive coverage from The Vancouver Sun, VITA, and Yahoo! Finance.

Finally, to commemorate and share the experience, Community worked with renowned director David Tennant, of Tennant Films, to create a mini documentary series capturing the Bombay Art project.




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