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We’re the people, by design.

We’re the people, by design.

A community of 80 & counting, brought together by passion and creativity.


They say, “teamwork makes the dream work.”
Our writers could come up with a better way to say that.
But we agree with the sentiment.

Strategic thinking keeps us grounded, and great ideas send us up, sometimes into the creative stratosphere.

That’s why collaboration is key and at the core of everything we do.

We are a community of
creators. Our shared values
influence who we are and
what we produce.




Art Mandalas

President, Chief Creative Officer

David Smulowitz

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Jesse Carere

Chief Marketing Officer

Daryn Sutherland

SVP, Marketing & Client Services

Ian Berkowitz

SVP, Digital Product & Marketing

Adam Savoni

President, Real Estate Marketing

Eva Stanciu

VP, Finance and Operations


Joe Nanni

Executive Creative Director

Ally Hawthorne

Art Director, Team Lead

Sante Mazzulla

Sr. Designer Brand Lead

Sarah McMurtry

Spatial Designer

Constantine Artemakis

Sr. Graphic Designer

Andres D'imperio

Production Designer

Jade Clarke

Junior Designer

Tobias Halman

Junior Designer

Ryan Grosman

Associate Creative Director

Alexis Galvez

Digital Creative Designer

George Kish

Senior Production Designer

Zachary Bowes

Production Designer

Victor (Viko) Ferrari

Art Director

Rividu Mendis


Integrated Marketing

Kristen Thomson

Senior Account Director, XM

David Videka

Account Director

Theresa Boisvert

Account Director, XM

Echo Xu

Senior Account Manager

Brooke Rudman

Senior Account Manager

Mary Aloia

Senior Account Manager

Vansh Kapoor

Account Manager

Samantha Bradford

Account Manager

Michelle Campos

Account Manager

Sarah Werle

Account Manager

Mia Sartor

Account Coordinator

Marvin Lazaro

Production Manager, XM

Milana Venchiarutti

Creative Producer

Obaid Haideri

Field Manager

Real Estate Marketing

Todd Nishimura

VP, Real Estate Marketing

Lauren Snelgrove

Account Director, Real Estate Marketing

Katy Schuyler

Account Supervisor, Real Estate Marketing

Ore Edozie

Account Manager, Real Estate Marketing

Izzey Felczak

Account Manager, Real Estate Marketing

Anthony Tuccitto

Design Director, Real Estate Marketing

Joseph Dellostritto

Senior Designer, Real Estate Marketing

Aisha Asmal

Account Manager, Real Estate Marketing


Aimée Crangle

Director, Performance & Marketing Analysis

Nikole Patterson-Hurst

Manager, Social Media

Nicholas Mahase

Senior Project Manager, Digital

Gursewak Singh

Full Stack Developer

Parth Patel

Full Stack Developer

James Tuck

Designer, Digital UI/UX

Kelsey Jenkins

Copywriter, Digital

Brian Jones

Performance Marketing & Analytics Manger

Finance & Admin

Muhammad Javed

Financial Controller

Aaron Samuel

Client Finance Manager

Mahinoor Rahman Khan

Finance Coordinator

Carol Zakhary

Human Resource Manager

Christina De Chellis

Operational Manager

Junet Kumar Goyal

Network & Tech Support

Stephanie Mills

Receptionist/ Office Administrator

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