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Metroview – The Yonge Series


Metroview approached us with a unique vision to transform Richmond Hill living. As a new and transformative developer with a progressive lens, it was important for us to create a cohesive and future-looking strategy to grow Metroview’s brand equity by leveraging its impressive pipeline of four consecutive condominium launches to reinforce its reputation as market innovators in the industry. 


With four landmark properties along the iconic Yonge Street, our goal was to claim a section of Yonge for Metroview Developments and to find a way to connect the individual properties from a branding and customer journey perspective. On top of reaching branding, sales, and customer experience goals, Community was tasked to do something different in the market. To bring new innovations to the table when developing and executing our go-to-market strategy. 


Community created a collection brand – The Yonge Series – for Metroview’s respective project addresses. This allowed us to own Yonge Street with a clever naming device using ‘Y’ in front of the building’s municipal address number. Not only did this reinforce the four buildings’ symbiotic relationship to one another, with Yonge Street locations being the common thread, it also outwardly communicated Metroview’s scale in this coveted part of Richmond Hill.

Going beyond connecting the project brands, Community worked closely with Metroview to take it one step further and identify ways to physically connect the spaces within the buildings, building an authentic sense of community amongst future residents of The Yonge Series. It was an opportunity to create a truly unique living experience where residents have access to expanded amenities like YPARK with public Y-FI spanning multiple buildings.

The launch was designed by Community’s experiential marketing team, creating a well-attended, memorable and shareable event, which kicked off highly successful sales with all released suites sold within one month.
For our Y9825 digital and social campaigns, we built out a full-funnel approach and tested different messaging to find what messaging resonated best with Metroview’s core audience . This iterative process drove down the cost per lead, increased conversion rates and was a key factor in selling out all units for this project.



top brokers attended the Y Café launch event


weeks to sell out all released units


lower cost per lead than industry benchmarks

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