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Pro Hockey Life (PHL)


Pro Hockey Life (PHL) is Canada’s ultimate hockey destination, but their social media profiles were not. Fans flocked to the profiles but didn’t engage and reach was deteriorating as a result of a disengaged community


Re-develop the Pro Hockey Life brand and voice, and restructure content to foster engagement to cultivate an active digital community, filled with hockey enthusiasts.


Community developed brand guidelines for PHL and re-launched with an always-on social strategy, adapting to the intricacies and unique audiences of different social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) with platform specific content. As a result, for the first time PHL was able to organically reach and engage this niche hockey community. Nurturing the social relationship between the brand and their audience allowed the brand to be recognizable at every touchpoint from store to social and transfer the passion for social engagement to link clicks producing online sales.



increase in organic reach

on Facebook


above industry benchmark engagement rates

on Instagram


increase in total mentions

on Twitter

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