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In Greece, the market is not just a place. It’s a philosophy, and a way of life. Authentic ingredients.


Fresh recipes. Immaculately prepared. The passion and dedication that goes in to each and every offering can be felt, tasted, and shared.

Bringing the Hellenic way of life to Queen West, Agora is a modern grab-and-go Greek market from the self-professed mama’s boy behind Mamakas. Expanding their celebrated Greek cuisine and authentic recipes to small plates and takeaway goods, Community developed a unique identity that shares a design pedigree with the mother brand, while making a new name for itself. A classic black and white colour palette is complemented by warm craft paper textures, vintage photography and dynamic patterning, for a look that’s rustic and fresh at once. As a personal tie to the motherland, the design incorporates handwritten notes and cutouts from owner Thanos Tripi’s aunt’s old recipe books, as well as vintage Greek advertising and packaging.