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Central Silver Spring

Location is everything.


Which is why we made it the brand. Bringing the location to the center for Grosvenor’s new rental community in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, Community crafted an identity and advertising campaign that not only touted the location but urged people to consider a life that revolves around them.

Located in an up-and-coming neighbourhood with a burgeoning arts scene, the development will feature spacious and innovative amenities, creating a central meeting place for residents to engage and interact. Not only an ideal home for those who commute to Washington, D.C. for work, the campaign positioned Central as an important hub, with everything you need close to home. It’s also footsteps from the Metro Station and from there, a 15-minute commute to downtown Washington. But rather than talk about that proximity alone, we positioned the community as the main attraction itself, with an eclectic mix of retail, restaurants, music and entertainment. And a place that truly lets you find your center.