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– Junction Point

Two projects in two very different neighbourhoods under one brand. When Gairloch came to us to brand their two new buildings at 1414 Bayview and Junction Point, we recognized that a Gairloch is a Gairloch. No matter what street it’s on, you’ll see the same sensibility of aesthetic meets utility. Everything is placed with purpose for function and design. While both properties have similarities, they are tailored to the different characteristics, lifestyles, and demographics of their respective neighbourhoods.


Our challenge was marketing the brand while also showcasing the individuality of each property. It’s not difficult to sell the Junction. A little removed from downtown, with an inventive spirit pulsing through it, you can feel the creative energy with every step you take through the Junction. The sales centre was created as a vignette of the building, allowing prospective buyers to experience the features and finishes firsthand. We took on the challenge of creating graphics that showed buyers more features of the space without distracting from the space they were standing in. Creating the brochure, print ads and signage, Community strived to maintain Gairloch’s brand and strong connection to the community throughout. A unique property that mirrors the independent and industrious attitude of the area it lives in.