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Growers Retail

In the now congested cannabis retail space, Growers Retail goes against the norm. An efficient, no fuss shopping experience for the experienced connoisseur or an informative, welcoming environment for newcomers. Offering product knowledge and education to those who need it and a quick, one stop shop for those who know what they want.

Community was inspired by the old beer store experience. You’d watch your dad point to the brand he wanted and like magic, the 24 comes rolling down the conveyor belt. An environment ideal for the most decisive among us. We created a customer journey that was a little less cut and dry while maintaining an ease and simplicity to the ordering experience. As Ontario’s connection to Canada’s best cannabis producers, we created a logo that represented the iconic maple leaf. A nod to the product and the country Growers was born out of. A bright, colourful shop that’s full of foliage and clean product displays, we designed an interior that would be inviting to all customers. Different from the glitzy boutiques, Growers Retail offers a deep understanding of the Canadian cannabis market with a unique, farm-to-table experience.