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On-demand work is changing the way a big part of the population puts money in their pockets.


It’s opening up new opportunities for people to make the most of their skills and spare time, connect with local businesses and carve out new sources of income. Looking to capitalize on this new economy with technology that connects shift workers in hospitality with available shifts, New York-based start-up Hyr approached Community to develop a complete brand identity and advertising platform.

Instead of focusing on work itself, our creative platform was inspired by where work can take you. Illustrating how Hyr helps you earn extra money to save for what’s important, the identity and campaign shows how you can elevate your lifestyle one shift at a time. The escalating form of the logo demonstrates upward motion with rising steps, and a modular design speaks to fitting extra shifts into your schedule, while bold and playful brand language highlights the transformation from working to enjoying what you’re working for. That’s how you #WorkIt.