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Stouffer’s Fit Bowls

Nestlé recently launched a new frozen meal line under their umbrella brand Stouffer’s to appeal to current relevant meal trends as well as a new target – millennial males.

Community began with a deep dive into the target group to understand the ideal consumers’ mindset, attitude and lifestyle. The insight was established that this guy is on the verge of embodying adulthood and is looking for easy steps to help him stay healthy and avoid the dreaded ‘dad bod’. This ultimately led to the creative strategy: focusing on how good you can feel a lot better, just by doing a little better. The campaign voice is embodied by the bold and action oriented tagline – Go Fit Yourself – and was brought to life with an integrated digital approach consisting of pre-roll video and mass social to drive awareness, along with lower funnel tactics like an Uber partnership and couponing to drive trial. So far, for male millennials, it’s been a perfect fit.


YouTube view through rates are significantly higher than Nestle benchmark (23%). Results Sales on track since campaign launch. Activity has generated high social engagement with positive sentiment.