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If you’re up on you’re reading, you’ve probably heard: sleep is the new exercise.


It’s as important a health metric as a balanced diet, and more and more every day, millennials are catching on to this dreamy trend. So when Casper, not just a mattress company but a champion for better sleep, landed in Canada, they chose none other than Community to bring their message to the world with an unforgettable experience. Featuring The Snooze Room, Casper set up fully functional sleeping pods, decked out with Casper mattresses, sheets, pillows, slippers, and snooze masks in some of Toronto’s most visible intersections, offering tired commuters a place to stop and rest. To attract even more buzz, Community added our Instagram-famous cloud machine, shooting fluffy z’s into the sky that could be seen from miles away.

With takeaways including a promo code for a $100 discount on a mattress purchase, and branded share-worthy swag, this activation was nothing to sleep on.