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Everyone has their own memories of trips to the corner store. It’s where you rode your bike on a perfect summer day with a hockey card stuck in your spokes. Where you cut class and schooled your friends on Street Fighter II. Where you got your fix of candy cigarettes. Or took your first drag of the real thing. But things change and you’ve grown up. And so has the corner store. This is a place to get your fix and your kicks. With cocktails and beer on tap, it’s a whole new kind of convenience.

Wanting to bring a sense of whimsical nostalgia to Toronto’s West Queen West neighbourhood with a new cocktail and snack bar, Community developed a brand that was retro and modern at the same time, with thoughtfully considered nods to classic 80s and early 90s graphic design. Since food is meant to be fun, the menu at Convenience is just that. Inspired by childhood favourites and classic corner store items reimagined in bite size, eating, drinking and getting together has never been so convenient. And nostalgia has never looked more current.