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Makeup. Skincare. Cosmetics. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry, with thousands of brands looking to dip their brush into the consumer palette. But one has emerged in recent years to shine through the clutter. Glossier, a skincare and beauty brand inspired by real life. Refreshing, right? So when Glossier was looking to make their mark on Canadian trendsetters and tastemakers, they chose none other than Community to bring their look to life through a perfectly curated, and millennial pink, experience.

Featuring the full range of products and highlighting the new Body Hero line, the botanical-inspired pop-up invited Torontonians to get up close and personal with the beauty brand. Located in the heart of the west end, the space was transformed into an immersive pink and red dreamscape, tailor-made for the ’gram. The Glossier Studio provided plenty of places to sample and purchase Glossier goodies, along with seating to take in the beauty of the space and share a snap. Partnering with neighbourhood friends The Drake Hotel, Ace Hill, La Palma and Coyote Flowers, the activation and pre-launch events created serious buzz in the city and on social, and generated tons of actual interest, with foot traffic totalling 7,390. A true beauty indeed.